"This patamon is looking to be a huge pataslut this morning! Lets see how many cocks this digimon can handle, and help him unleash his inner f[*****] potential."

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RE-UPLOAD of little doodle comics of the last part of: R9kElsa is Suffering - Chapter 20

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Quick note:

I know I haven’t been around much— there’s a lot of IRL pressure, and it’s making me want to hermit away from the world.

So I’m filling my queue, both here and at sparklingcleanlies, and I’m gonna disappear for a week or so to try and get my head working properly again.




hmm what could be in this pouch thats shoved to the back of my grandmas freezer





Your grandmother is hardcore.

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Does the Grapefruit Blowjob Technique Work? I Tried It, and The Verdict Is...

So, after all my hemming and hawing, how did the grapefruit blowjob turn out? It went AMAZINGLY well. From the second I put that slice on there, my boyfriend could not get enough of this goddamned grapefruit. It turned a regular, Wednesday night, let’s-get-this-boner-going-so-we-can-bang-before-my-Ambien-kicks-in blowjob into a weird, wild, wet  blowjob, with grapefruit juice running everywhere and my boyfriend bucking wildly. When my mouth got tired and I needed to take a break for a second, he eagerly requested that I keep the grapefruit going as part of a handjob. I thought back on all my years reading Pinterest, and realized that this was truly the first time any craft project I had found on the Internet had actually worked out.