Hello! :) I have a question...when being punished, is it okay to safe word? During punishment from my Dom I always feel like I don't deserve to get a safe word out of what my daddy thinks is needed. But other times I can barely take it. He always stops when I cry to make sure I am okay but will keep going until he thinks I have had enough.


You are always, ALWAYS, entitled to the use of your safeword. Its purpose is to make sure you are safe. Even if you are being punished, if it becomes too intense for you, safeword and once you are feeling grounded again talk to your Daddy about why you felt the need to safeword and perhaps figure out a punishment that fits within your limits. Safe, sane, and consensual practice is key.

If anyone disrespects your safeword or belittles you for using it or insists you don’t need one— STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM.

what are your preferred pronouns?

Whatever makes y’all most comfortable.

My personal preference flips regularly. Unless you are my partner, I don’t expect anyone to change on a dime, tho. I present masculine-leaning female so most people use female pronouns, but at places where I present more male I’ll generally ask that people use male ones (I did at Starbucks).

She/her, he/him, and they are all okay.

Will you answer everything with a perverse gif?

If I’ve got appropriate ones, though.

How YOU doin'?

Surprisingly good!